To appear in the leaderboard, player need to link their TON wallet address to the the game account.

As a Gamefi, Dog Mutant focus on PvP Play to Earn feature with our unique leaderboard and reward pool.

Dog Mutant's leaderboard is calculated based on Glicko rating system and using ELO point.

Glicko rating system.

Dog Mutant leaderboard dertermine players's position based on Glicko algorithm.

RD=min(RD02+c2t,350)RD = \min\left(\sqrt{{RD_0}^2 + c^2 t},350\right)
r=r0+q1RD2+1d2i=1mg(RDi)(siE(sr0,ri,RDi))r = r_0 + \frac{q}{\frac{1}{RD^2} + \frac{1}{d^2}}\sum_{i=1}^{m}{g(RD_i)(s_i-E(s|r_0,r_i,RD_i))}

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