Dog Mutant is a PvP game. That mean you will encounter real players on battlefield No "boss", no "mob". Only real Telegram players versus real Telegram players.

Dog Mutant 's players divided into 2 types: Offline players and Online players.

Online players

Online players are the players current opening the Dog Mutant mini app on Telegram.

Offline players

Offline players are the players not opening the Dog Mutant mini app on Telegram.


Both players will fight their enemy with normal attack and special attacks (Skills). Each dog have his own skill sets.


A battle automatic happened between an online player and an offline player. Online player will see the dog on the left of the game screen. His enemy (offline player) appear on the right of game screen. Our innovation matchmaking system will try to match players will similar experience points.


When a battle finish, both players will received rewards as $EGNI tokens. Players use $EGNI Token to upgrade their Skill and summon new Equipment.

Online rewards.

When a user is online, he will get the rewards after each match, added to his inventory.

Offline rewards.

When a user is offline, when he back online, he will get all the rewards from the last time he online.

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