Our principles

We started making games in 2008, when mobile games were Java applications for the Symbian operating system. With nearly 20 years of experience in mobile game production, we have experienced many ups and downs of this industry.

When researching the TON Blockchain platform, we were extremely impressed by the large community, ease of use, and infinite scalability.

However, many products for the TON platform today are still ports of old games released many years ago, programmed in Unity and clearly not intended for the Telegram Web App.

Therefore, when starting the Dog Mutant project, we set out the following principles:

  • The product must be programmed from scratch and use the latest technology provided by Telegram, to take advantage of all the strengths of the TON blockchain.

  • The product must have superior image and animation quality compared to other projects on TON today.

  • The product must be truly "fun" and retain players for a long time. We don't like boring projects, where opening an app is just a daily task. We want Dog Mutant players to really get hooked on the product.

  • As a blockchain game, Dog Mutant must generate income for players through an attractive and transparent reward mechanism.

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